Chinese Gospel Church is a part of the Associated Gospel Churches of Canada. It was founded in 1954 by a missionary couple from China, Dr. & Mrs. Vokes, who returned from China due to poor health. Mrs. Vokes still wanted to outreach to Chinese, so she taught English classes in a local Chinese church. These classes eventually led to the creation of the Chinese Gospel Mission, which held worship at a local YWCA. The present-day site of Chinese Gospel Church was purchased in 1963 when Dr. & Mrs. Vokes sold their house and a number of their belongings in order that the down payment could be paid. The official name adopted was Chinese Gospel Church.

At the time of purchase, the location consisted of a Victorian house that had been converted into a Jewish Synagogue. Services and Sunday school were held in that house for many years, until 1973. At the beginning attendance was low but God has graciously allowed our numbers to grow. Services were in Cantonese and English at first, where members of the congregation translated the sermon. Now we also have Mandarin congregations, as well as planted congregations in Scarborough, Mississauga, and downtown Toronto. When the Sunday school attendance expanded beyond the dimensions of the house, the church was able to purchase the property next door and the buildings were demolished and rebuilt into the current church building. The third floor of the church was added in 1983.